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Prepare to be captivated this half-term: ‘Illuminating Art’ at Beverley Minster, Feb 13-17 – Get Your Tickets Now!

World-renowned Luxmuralis to Bring Unforgettable Journey Through Artistic Centuries to Beverley Minster this half term.

Prepare to be captivated this half-term as Luxmuralis, the globally acclaimed light and sound projection company, sets its sights on Beverley Minster with a groundbreaking event, “Illuminating Art.”

Taking place from Tuesday, February 13, to Saturday, February 17, this immersive experience promises to be a visual and auditory feast, utilising every inch of the medieval marvel that is Beverley Minster.

Luxmuralis, known for its awe-inspiring works, has previously toured major venues across England, with this particular show having only graced Salisbury Cathedral before.

The magnificent event, a large-scale interior light and sound experience, transports visitors through four centuries of iconic art, projecting masterpieces onto the walls of the Minster.

The interior architecture becomes a canvas for a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of images, showcasing the works of legendary artists from the Pre-Raphaelite and Impressionist movements, including Burne-Jones, Monet, Van Gogh, and more.

Luxmuralis also explores technological changes over the centuries, weaving in the influence of figures like Brunel and the age of steam, early photography, and the Zoetrope—an early animation device.

For those eager to partake in this unique experience, entry to the Minster is by timed ticket only, with 15-minute entry slots available from 17:30 to 20:00 on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and 20:00 to 21:30 on Wednesday.

Tickets, priced at £10 for adults, £7 for children under 18, and free for under 3s, are exclusively available online. Attendees are encouraged to arrive within their allocated time slot to ensure a smooth flow of visitors through the immersive experience.

Organisers have taken measures to ensure safety and comfort, with continuous entry to maintain a safe capacity inside the Minster. Visitors may need to queue briefly outside, so warm clothing is recommended.

As a fully immersive event, “Illuminating Art” incorporates bright moving lights, loud sounds, and music. While suitable for all ages, organisers advise attendees to ensure their comfort with such elements.

Refreshments will be available at the Minster during the event, and parking is conveniently located at the Flemingate multi-storey car park, accommodating up to 500 cars at a rate of £2.00 for three hours. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to witness Beverley Minster transformed into a breathtaking canvas of light and sound.

To secure your place, you can book here:

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