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MP welcomes tip decision – after almost 2,000 objections from residents

Beverley’s MP Graham Stuart says people power has played its part in delaying plans to build a new waste recycling centre at Molescroft.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Planning Committee has agreed to defer the approval of the new site, after almost 2,000 letters objecting to the plans were submitted.

Mr Stuart said: “The deferral of the decision to build a tip on Ings Road in Molescroft is because residents have been able to have their say.

“This tip will now be planned with the views of the people of Molescroft in mind, and I want to pay tribute to everyone who has made the decision to defer happen.”

In a letter to residents on his website, Mr Stuart added: “Molescroft doesn’t want a tip on Ings Road. It doesn’t want the noise and light pollution. It doesn’t want the traffic. It doesn’t want to lose agricultural land.

He praised campaigners who had fought against the council’s plans and said: “Deferral means the decision on whether or not to go ahead is delayed while new, more acceptable, proposals are worked out and brought back to your representatives on the Planning Committee. This won’t be for some months.”

The council said Beverley’s existing tip at Weel is ‘prone to flooding and is becoming too small to cope with the amount of residents visiting’.

It had hoped the new facility at Molescroft would open next spring.

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