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Time for The Sun Inn to shine

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As well as continuing to be Beverley’s go-to venue for live music, with bands and artists performing almost every night of the week, The Sun Inn is now serving food for the first time in over 20 years.

Landlords and good friends Paul Bell and Del Rhodes took over the running of Beverley’s oldest pub little more than a year ago and have since been making subtle changes at The Sun, whilst retaining the cosy and traditional features that make it a hugely popular venue with locals and visitors alike.

The Sun has a mix of live bands, acoustic and open mic nights and will soon be welcoming some familiar faces, including two former members of The Beautiful South.

A new addition to the pub’s eclectic mix is a food offering which, as well as an impressive lunch menu, includes a Yorkshire take on the Spanish favourite, tapas.

Every dish on The Sun’s Yorkshire Tapas menu has been sourced in the county and even has a Yorkshire name.

Diners can enjoy a mini version of a Hull pattie, Ecky Thump, a dish consisting of black pudding and a quail’s egg, and Yorkshire beef brisket served with a ‘Sun Ale’ empanada.

Having been customers at The Sun Inn for over 20 years each, Paul and Del know all about the pub’s traditional feel and extensive live music output.

The new features at The Sun, which also includes a renovated beer garden, complete with a small stage, ideal for summer gigs, have been made to enhance what the pub, which has stood on Flemingate since 1530, already offers, and Paul and Del are thoroughly enjoying the journey.

“We’re a year in to running the pub,” explained Paul. “I’ve been in the pub trade all my life, right from the days of the YTS schemes, whilst Del has been in construction, so it’s a complete contrast for him.

“We’ve been friends for a long time, and it felt the right time to sign the contract and have a little bit of fun with the pub.

“We’re both from Hull, but I have lived in Beverley since 1986. It would only have been The Sun Inn that we would invest in, as we are music nuts, and this is the music pub in Beverley.

“Effectively, I have been a customer at The Sun for 25 years but had never taken the pub on.

“Everything has fallen into place and it’s working well. The last year has been terrific.

“We’ve taken the pub up another level, bringing our own ideas. One of the main changes is the introduction of food for the first time in at least 20 years.

“We’re serving tapas with a Yorkshire slant on it. The concept is that everything is sourced in Yorkshire and all the dishes will have a local name.

“The chef does an amazing Hull pattie, which tastes the same as the ones you buy from the chippies in Hull.

“I don’t know how she did it, as she had never seen one or tasted one in her life.

“Sundays have also been a revelation and we’ve found a niche of putting bands on between 5:30pm and 8:30pm.

“We’ve also refurbished the bar, to make it more accessible and so it can be seen as you walk through the door.

“The front of the pub is new, and we’ve installed a small stage in the back garden, which is like having an extra room. We’ve fully refurbished it, and the stage will be well used during the summer months.

“There is live music every night except Thursday, when we have a quiz, and at the weekend, there is music throughout the day. I’m a musician myself, so I knew lots of them already and there is a real community locally.

“We have ticketed gigs on a Wednesday, and we’ve got a few famous artists on the bill soon.

“Briana Corrigan, who was a member of The Beautiful South, is performing, and in May, Tom Robinson will be on stage here.

“Sara Petite and Dave Hemingway, another former member of the Beautiful South, are also going to be here.

“We’re trying to double down on the pub being a music venue and it is going very well so far.”

For more information about The Sun Inn, visit or call 01482 677850.

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