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Gardening – April 2024

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Below are some top tips for keep your lawn looking its best this summer.

As winter’s chill starts to fade, garden enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring.

Here are five top tips to help prepare your lawn to ensure it can be flourishing and healthy for the whole year.

1: Clean up and clear out

Begin your lawn preparation with a spring clean, clearing away the clutter that winter has left behind. This means removing any debris, such as twigs and branches, along with dead leaves that have piled up, providing an unwelcome blanket over your grass. Weeds, those uninvited guests that take advantage of your lawn’s weak spots, should also be shown the door.

You’ll also want to remove any moss from your lawn, a frequent issue in cool, damp conditions. Moss and weeds will steal water and nutrients from your grass, so by removing them, it will set the stage for a healthy, vibrant lawn.

2: Inspect and repair gardening tools

Sharpen those blades on your mower to ensure clean cuts, lubricate all moving parts to keep things running smoothly, and don’t hesitate to replace any tools that are damaged or have seen better days.

3: Cutting edge

Instead of going for that dramatic, all-at-once chop, think about a trim-and-tend approach. Start with shorter, more frequent cuts to ease your lawn back into its prime. Cutting your lawn regularly at the correct height will encourage healthier growth from root to tip.

Mowing wet grass is never a good idea since it can damage your lawn and clog your mower’s blades. If it has rained recently or the grass is wet from morning dew, wait until it dries out before you start mowing.

4: Overseeding

If your lawn’s looking a bit tired after the winter beat-down, consider giving it a little spring boost with overseeding. In simple terms, overseeding involves spreading new grass seed over the existing turf to enhance its health and appearance.

5: Aeration

Lastly, when it comes to keeping your lawn in tip-top shape, don’t overlook an aeration treatment, especially in the spring and autumn.

By punching little holes in the turf, aeration makes sure your grass gets all the good stuff it needs from below the surface.

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